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Tomohisa and Takumi Toy Together

Another fresh week and time for another Japan boyz update to be shown to you guys. We know what you came here to see and we have more of it for sure. This site as you know is THE, go to place when you need to have your fix of hot Japan twinks getting nasty and every single week’s update, present you with some of the best looking and horniest twinks around too. Anyway, this amazing and hot Japanboyz scene features two more guys that were here in the past, but on separate occasions and now we paired them up. So let’s see Tomoisha and Takumi getting around to play together and have some kinky sexual fun for you!


Tomo and Takumi, like we said, were never together in these scenes, so it was time to fix that and see what kind of magic they could make with one another. And magic it was as you will see, because they got super naughty and the cameras caught every single shot of it too. So after getting nice and nude, the two are on the bed and it seems tat their first order of business is to show off their jacking off skills to one another. That goes on for a good while and after that you get to the real good stuff where the guys get to fuck in the ass and we bet you’ll adore it. Well enjoy and do check out some of the past scenes too for even more gay action and hot Japanese guys!

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Japan Boyz – Takumi Do Me

Well hello there guys and gals and welcome back to Japan boyz once more. Today we bring you a hot guy that was in high demand up until now and he’s finally gotten around to play a bit by himself to let you see his personal ritual of self gratification. He is of course Takumi and we bet that you’ll recall his last scene where he and another fuck buddy got to show off just how amazing both of them are at sucking hard cock. Anyway, this week Takumi is here by himself and he has one incredible and amazing Japanboyz scene to reveal to you. So let’s just get this one going and see him beating his meat fast and hard for your enjoyment today!

He knows just what he has to do and he’s very very eager to start as well as you will see in the beginning of this gallery. HE strips quite fast and does make sure that you all get to see some pretty nice views of him from every angle as well before anything. But of course the real fun for him was to start playing with his dick. Watch him grab a hold of it and as he slowly moves his hand up and down watch him stroke that meat faster and harder. Soon he’s masturbating furiously and moans loudly in pleasure for you too. Do enjoy the gallery update and come back soon for more new scenes. We’ll be waiting for you right here! Until then, visit the http://www.blacktgirls.org site and see some sexy trannies jerking off their big black cocks!


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Ryu Works Out Tomohisa

Want to see more Japan boyz getting nasty? well you’ve come to the right place as always for that. We told you that if he’d ever get to play with Tomo again, Ryu would have to be on the receiving end and lookie what we have here. The hot Asian twink pair is back and it’s time for hi to make god on his word to be the uke for a change. Let’s just get the show rolling as there’s no way you can pass this one up. It’s just too much steamy and sizzling hot action to not check out in this Japanboyz update and let’s get those cameras rolling. You get to see Ryu as he gets to get kinky for you and Tomo and then gets fucked hard too!


Tomo and Ryu, the Japan boyz, enter the room and make their way to the bed where the action will go down with both of them and Ryu could already barely hold his excitement for the show. Well to begin with, both of them get to strip down to the underwear and then take their spots on the bed all ready to get nasty. Watch Tomo teasing Ryu while the guy masturbates fast and hard and even ens up shooting a load before anything else. But Tomo has more in store for him for sure, so that’s not the end of it. Discover that for yourselves everyone and do remember to just come back again soon for another set of images featuring horny Japanese twinks! Also you might visit the http://www.sheplayswithhercock.org site and have fun watching some cum hungry trannies jerking off!

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Japan Boyz – Takumi and Takeru

Well well well, welcome back yet again. There’s a new Japan boyz scene here waiting for you to check out and you simply must do so with this week’s scene as it’s just incredibly delicious. The pair of guys that gets to grace your screens for this afternoon are Takumi and Takeru and they seem to be quite proud of their lovely oral skills. Well since that was the case, you can bet hat they were given the chance to show them off today and you cannot miss out on this one Japanboyz gallery everyone. The two amazing twinks get to suck cocks all day long and it’s all been caught on camera from every possible angle as well, so let’s get the show rolling!

Takumi is first to get undressed and as he lays on his back Takeru gets to use those lips to start working the former’s nice and hard cock. Just watch at his amazing technique, like we said, using both his lips, and on top his tongue and expert hands as well. He has Takumi moan in pleasure in no time and shoot a load right in his mouth. But now it was Takumi’s turn to get to please that other cock so you can bet that he made sure to have his buddy moan in pleasure at his oral pleasing as well. Both of the guys were just amazing to see and we bet that you will adore the whole thing as well. See you all next time with a new gallery!


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Ryu and Tomohisa

Another fresh week and time to check out another new Japan boyz scene. As you know already, this site is quite the good spot to come and check out when you want to see some hot gay Japanese guys getting nasty. And every week we strive to show you some pretty neato galleries too. Anyway, this week’s new gallery features Ryu and Tomo and Tomo you have gotten to see here in the past at play. Well since he’s the senior he’s going to do the new Japanboyz guy a favor and get t be the uke, or the bottom. Or shall we say on he receiving end. Anyway, let’s watch Ryu giving Tomo a nice and hard dicking this afternoon here without delay!


When they do get to start playing, you can see that the two guys are sporing some pretty cute panties. That’s because it seems that both of them are also into cross-dressing and we think that lady clothes would make them look even cuter. Well anyway, Tomo gets right to sucking that cock as he whips it out of the panties and he makes sure to have it nice and hard for his ass, which gets to take it in the next part. Then you can watch Tomo spread those legs and eagerly take a nice and thorough anal plowing from Ryu here. One thing is for sue though, and that is that Ryu gets to take the fucking next time they meet in a scene.

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Japan Boyz – Shooting Shokichi

We’re back this week with another sizzling hot and amazing Japan boyz action scene and another guy getting kinky. As you can see in the title the name of this sexy stud is Shokichi and he gets to have some naughty times in front of the cameras and you for the afternoon here. Do take your time to watch Sho here have some pretty unhinged fun with himself as he gets to play on camera and you can sit back and relax as you get to see another perfect Japanboyz stud getting to do everything right. And by that of course, we mean that you will get to watch him closely as he gets to jack off just for you and his pleasure this afternoon!

Sho makes his entry at the start of course and he’s all nice and ready to party hard. See him slowly strip and show off his nude body inch by inch to you all as he gets wilder and wilder. Then on top of all that strip tease, you can watch as he gets around to show off that gorgeous naked bod of his from various sexy and sensual poses as well which makes this even better. But alas, soon he’s too horny to hold back too and you get to watch him lay back and stroke his meat for you. See him masturbating furiously and see him shoot a nice sticky load all over himself today. We bet you’ll have fun with it and there will be more soon!


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Manabu meets Tomohisa

Today’s new and fresh Japan boyz scene is here for you to check out and just like always, there’s new eager and horny twinks to see at play and this pair is definitely a must see here for the afternoon. The guys featured in it are Manabu and Tomo and you have seen both of these guys getting to play naughty in the past as well…Just not with each other. And you will be pleasantly surprised to learn then, that the to are just magical on the Japanboyz cameras and they know fully well how to put on a great show. Well let’s get started and watch closely as their fuck scene begins and watch the two of them having some naughty fun!


Tomo and Mana make their entry and you can expect to see them showing off their bodies first and foremost to the cameras in a nice and kinky strip session. Then that is followed by them getting on the bed and engaging in a nice and sexy sixty nine session, sucking each other’s dicks too. And the two twinks carry this one for a nice and long while as well. Anyway that’s followed by anal sex to as you can expect and we can surely say that overall, the two studs here were just amazing with one another to say the least. Take your time to see them having sexual fun today and remember to come by again soon for more new and fresh gay sex sessions as well!

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Japan Boyz – Initiation

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back as per usual. You know that we have the best of the best Japan boyz scenes here to show off and every single week we have a brand new gallery that’s ready for you to see and enjoy without delay. This one has some more interracial action as another visitor to Japan gets to sample the fine guys that get to roam around. And in this afternoon scene, the two go to the hot baths in one of the private ones where they get to play as much as they want too. Well let’s just get to see some mighty fine action with this white stud plowing that nice and sexy tight Japanese ass and see this Japanboyz show unfold!

We already told you where the were, but you just need to see them get started. As there was just the two of them there, you can see them jacking off one another under the water to set the mood more and more. Well by the time that the white guy lets this stud suck his dick the guy was already super horny and couldn’t wait any longer. See him eating that ass and on top of it sucking that cock to make sure it’s lubed too. Then you have the pleasure of seeing the Asian guy moan in pleasure as he gets to take it in the ass for the rest of the whole show. We’ll return next week with more for you so just stay tuned to see it!


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Kinjiro Takes a Big One

Hello once more everyone, welcome to a new and juicy Japan boyz update. We bring you some truly juicy things to check out this afternoon and there’s no way that you can skip over them if you want to see some more truly incredible gay action. This scene features Kinjiro and his lust for hard cocks and you can see that he found quite the nice and big one to much on for this incredible update. So let’s get right to the action and get this Japanboyz scene going to see the horny Kinjiro as he gets to suck and fuck a nice and big dick for this whole afternoon as we bet that you are pretty eager to get to see what went down as well!


Once the Japan boyz show begins, Kinjiro is all over his fuck buddy’s dick right from then and you can see him putting his hard earned oral skills to some good use as he makes sure to have his cock hard as a rock before anything else. With that done, he just slides the meat into his fine ass and begins to ride it like the horny man slut that he is as well. Watch him enjoying himself as he takes a hard style anal pounding this fine week and watch them fuck all over that bed without rest all afternoon long. So do take your time to enjoy this glorious gallery and do come back again soon for more all new and all fresh scenes!

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Japan Boyz – Fuck and Blow

You’re here just in time to check out the brand new and fresh Japan boyz scene that we have prepared for you all. And as you can see, we get to show off another pair of hot and eager Japanese studs getting kinky. We promised you last week some more action and we’re here to deliver it straight to you without delay. So take your time to check out a truly wonderful gallery in this one as you get to enjoy the sight of another pair of hot guys as they get around to get nasty and kinky. Sit back and check out a superb little Japanboyz gallery that’s sure to turn you on straight away when you get to see these two fucking today!

The shoe begins and as you can see, one of the guys is a nice looking blonde guy. Well he and his friend are eager as hell to show you what they like to do with each other and to begin the action properly, you can check him out getting down to sucking that cock. Just take the time to see the guy put those lips and tongue to some amazing use this fine week and watch him blow the meat with a passion until it gets rock hard. Which doesn’t take long as you can imagine. Anyway, after that, enjoy the sight of the blonde guy presenting his ass for a good fucking as well and enjoy the rest of this raunchy scene with the two here today!


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